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One of the most effective methods of Social Media marketing local businesses can utilise is Facebook ads. With its exceptional marketing capabilities, Facebook ads are the ideal way for local businesses to attract those within the community to support your business. Local businesses are often more conscious about the amount of money they invest into advertising and want to select the best method possible which provides the best return on investment. Facebook marketing has the ability to assist local businesses to promote their content and create a strong sense of brand awareness, driving lead generation. Are you a local business owner and want to learn how Facebook ads can benefit you? Continue reading to find out more. FACEBOOK ADS ARE MORE COST EFFECTIVE Implementing a Facebook ad strategy is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising you can utilise as a local business. Having the ability to control your daily spend limit means you can closely monitor your spending and determine what best works for your business. This means businesses are able to try Facebook ads without outlaying a significant amount of money and learn about how to best target their desired audience. For new business owners, this is a great way to have your brand exposed to locals and increase your customer or client base. If you only have a small budget to spend on advertising, Facebook ads are the way to go and will provide you with the greatest results. ACCESS TO LOCATION TARGETING OPTIONS One of the greatest advantages of Facebook ads are its targeting options. As a local business, this is exactly what you need to reach your defined target audience and showcase your products or services.  You can effectively reach those within a specific radius to your shopfront including your country, state, city and even your postcode with further defined categories such as their gender, age, occupation, income and more.  By using this feature effectively, you can ensure your advertising budget is spent on attracting those who are actually interested in your products or services  BUILD TRUST WITHIN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY By using Facebook ads, you can promote your brand and gain the trust of those within your local community. The more frequently people are exposed to your ads, the more they will become familiar with who you are and the services or products your business provides. When creating your Facebook ads, it’s important to demonstrate your brands visions and values so your community understands they can trust you to provide them with the best service. Consumers are more inclined now than ever to support local businesses, use this to your advantage to provide them with an insight as to why they should choose you. EDUCATE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Finally, another benefit of Facebook ads for local businesses is you have access to a platform where you can educate your target audience. All businesses want to make sales, we need to in order to continue operating however in order to make those sales it’s important to educate your audience about your business. Facebook provides you with the option to share educational videos to demonstrate what your products or services are and how they can add value to the lives of your target audience. Think about what people need within your local community and how your business can assist, this will put you ahead of your competitors and show your target audience you aren’t just trying to sell. Local businesses are always on the lookout for the best ways to attract more clients or customers. As social media has progressed to be one of the most popular forms of marketing, we all spend so much time using it, it makes sense to promote your brand across the various platforms. For local businesses, in particular, Facebook ads are the most convenient and cost-effective ways to promote your business.