Master Guide on how to analyse SEO Competitor analysis


What is competitive analysis for SEO? An SEO competitive analysis involves analysing the links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors. It is important to identify the most successful aspects of their SEO strategy. From this, we can implement these elements into your own. Instead of going through the troubles of trying to figure out what keywords to target, or, content to create to build all on your own, you can instead see what is already working for other businesses and replicate their success. Finding your SEO competitors You may think you know who your competitors are, but you don’t always know until you dive into the stats. Before you do an SEO competitive analysis, you should know who they are. An easy way to do this is by simply entering your top keyword in google, then seeing what sites are ranking on that keyword. For even greater accuracy, you can open a spreadsheet and input 10-20 of your most popular keywords. Next, you would calculate which domains appear most often and in which position. It makes life easier to find who your genuine competitors are. You can do this by different SEO tool solutions that analyse keywords you rank for in their databases. One solution is the free SEO Domain Analysis Tool. You can enter any domain and it will show you the actual competitors, based on visibility, competing for the same keywords as your domain. Here’s an example for the site Avinni. From this, we can see that Avinni’s most significant competitors for the same search terms are:1. Athleta Gap.2. Rockwear.3. Ryderwear.4. Sitchu.5. etc. This is one easy and effective way to explore SEO competitor analysis through the use of the SEO domain analysis tool. To further your progression in SEO competitor analysis, check out this free assessment here.