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SEO issues that impact your businesses performance and how SEO specialists identify them.

Problematic SEO can be triggered by a number of different internal or external factors, however we have identified that most SEO issues can be broken down into 4 main categories. ExperienceLinksContent and Relevance are the biggest factors that can be impacting your SEO strategy. Your website needs to be carefully conducted to receive the green light from google and other similar search engines before beginning the journey of high rankings and good traffic. When you do receive that tick of approval, the status on your SEO strategy will fluctuate and can change pretty quickly so up-keep on these 4 main categories is vital to your website’s performance. Adelaide SEO specialists analyse these significant factors closely to determine what sites are needing more attention in what areas and the optimal way to achieve this. Now, let’s get into it. 


The experience that customers have on websites can affect your rankings as well as revenue. In many cases, if a change on your site is good for revenue, it will also be good for visibility as search engines prioritize user experience in order to optimise user satisfaction. Bounce rate refers to how quick it takes a customer to access your site and then return back to their search. If your bounce rate is high, it can negatively impact your SEO as search engines will think that your content is not what the consumer is looking for, which is their priority. Ensuring you have a low bounce rate, through good on-page SEO experience, will ensure you will rank higher on your SEO. Page speed is an off-page SEO but factors in with user-experience. The faster a site is, the better the user experience, slower websites are penalized which causes them to slide down the rankings. Google reduces the number of crawlers sent to your website if the server response time is more than 3 seconds. SEO specialists use systems to track and measure the page speed of your site and look into optimising it by increasing speed, this could be through decreasing image size for example.


Backlinks can really build your business up from the ground, however, backlinks need to be carefully monitored because they are also a real issue for potential negative SEO. Bad backlinks that come from spammy websites can penalise your site. SEO specialists can identify which links are good for rankings and which will decrease the ranks on your site due to them being spam, 404 pages, poorly written content, irrelevant and so forth. Links are also discovery mechanisms for search engine crawlers. They help them find good, as well as bad, URIs.  SEO specialists use them to help them discover the good, but keep them from discovering anything bad. In this case, bad could mean a URL with no content. Essentially, “bad” are pages you don’t want users to find.


Content is all about listening and designing an experience that satisfies what the user was trying to learn, or do as clearly and efficiently as possible. You want to write to support and build your site’s subject matter expertise. Credibility is key, therefore, ensuring your site is providing relevant and informative content that is valuable to the user and gives them the sense that your website is credible is important to your seo. Some factors that could seriously impact your SEO strategy is duplicate content which is content that has been duplicated on your site more than once and low word count content, thin content does not present well to google’s algorithms, therefore, content must be up to standard. It is hard to identify what content is considered thin and what is not as there really is no set word count, 

however, measuring what your top competitors in the first places on the keyword search and analysing the size of their content, can help you identify what your site needs in terms of content size. However, do not try to stuff your website with irrelevant information, as search engines can identify when sites are not providing the user with useful content. 


Relevance refers to how well a page aligns to and covers what the user was searching for. This is not in terms of keywords, but rather, does the page provide the answer or solution to the user about their search query. Building your pages up to be a maze of content before users find the answer they’re looking for, will only increase your bounce rate. Users aren’t looking to develop all the knowledge you have on the topics of your site, they want their answer and they want it quick. Keeping your site sharp and shiny, with relevance as your top priority, will avoid negative SEO.

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