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Why practice Social Media management for your business?

Social media management refers to the process of developing, creating, publishing and tracking content you post on social media platforms. It also entails customer interaction, engagement and should align with a brand’s established marketing initiatives. The purpose of social media management is to increase brand growth through reach and target a different demographic of potential customers. We all are well aware of the trend of social media marketing booming in recent years, therefore, if you’re not currently practising social media management to benefit your brand then you’re missing a golden opportunity for your business. Within a Social Media agency, experts develop management plans for clients, in order to boost brand awareness with specific demographics. Here are some beneficial reasons as to why practising social media management is a vital opportunity for your business and you should not hold off any longer:

Low cost advertising

Social Media is a cost efficient way to get your brand name out there! It costs nothing to create a business account, post creative content, market your brand and engage with your audience. These are all important factors in brand growth that take no money from the budget. Now, obviously there’s more to a social media strategy than jumping straight on and watching your following blow up. However, it is a free opportunity to generate revenue, build your brand reputation and increase traffic for your business. Even paid social media advertising costs nowhere near traditional marketing campaigns which cannot match the same reach that social media can. Which brings us to our next point…


Through social media marketing, you are reaching a bigger demographic of your target audience that you would not have been able to reach before. No matter who your target audience is, there is a social media platform that holds a huge portion of that demographic. With over half of the world’s population using social media platforms, Facebook has nearly 2 billion users DAILY and Instagram with 1 billion users per month, you are guaranteed to reach potential customers with the right social media strategy.  By making your online presence known on social media this gives your customers the opportunity to develop mental availability for your brand, meaning in a purchasing situation, buyers think of your brand first and recall it in their memory. 


Competitors can always be one step ahead of your brand if they are utilising  their social media strategy and your business is not. Therefore, it’s important to make your presence known online. By engaging and being interactive with your customers on social media and consistent with your content, customers are more likely to find your brand trustworthy and potentially choose you over your competitors operating in the same category. Social media also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your competitors strategies and how they engage with their audience. By understanding their social media tactics, you can easily identify how you need to be utilising your social media management to compete with them for market share. 


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