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Why SEO takes time and is worth the wait

As much as we all wish it was possible to obtain top ranking positions on search engines overnight, unfortunately it just isn’t possible. Many factors come into play when expecting results from search engine optimisation, which is why the process requires some patience. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. This is certainly the case with SEO and the long-term effects are certainly a worthwhile investment for any business, in any industry. Learn more about why SEO takes time and why it’s definitely worth the wait.


Consider your industry in itself and how many other businesses are in your niche. It’s likely you’ll have thousands, millions or perhaps even billions of other competitors who have the same objective that you have. They all want to rank for the top position in search results and want searchers to choose their business over anyone else. The current top-ranking websites utilising your keywords are likely to have invested in SEO for quite a while and have built up their online reputation overtime. There are more websites online now than ever before so the task of ranking #1 isn’t impossible, however it just requires time and good SEO practices.  Your competitors have invested their time into SEO, and it’s rewarded them with the top-ranking positions, you may start off as the underdog, but soon enough your patience will reward you.


If you’ve decided to dedicate time and money into SEO to boost your business, it’s important that you learn to trust the process. The first initial stage of SEO requires an audit, where your SEO specialist will optimise your website in order to ensure it fulfils Google’s ranking guidelines. This will include fixing any technical issues or content issues which could impact your ranking. Your SEO expert will also conduct keyword research and a competitor analysis in order to devise the ideal strategy. This process can take some time especially if you have thousands of pages on your website which need to be audited. 

After this process, then your page is ready to be ranked. The next steps involve content creation, on-page and off-page backlinking as well as constant monitoring of your website’s technical components. This process is what determines your rankings and must be done efficiently.


The amount of money you are willing to invest in an SEO strategy can also impact the time frame with which you begin to see results. This isn’t to say that the more you spend the greater results you will receive, however the more you invest, the more time your SEO specialists can spend working on your website and your SEO strategy. Each digital marketing company has their own strategy in place, yet most will charge per hour so if you want to have the ball rolling fairly quickly, you may want to consider your budget and how much you allocate towards SEO.


Considering all the above factors, each website will vary in the time frame with which they are likely to see results. No SEO company can guarantee a definite time, however most will provide their clients with a guideline between 4-6 months to which they begin to see the results of SEO. Results could mean increased rankings, more enquiries or more website traffic.  You should begin to notice positive impacts within this time period. In terms of ranking in top positions this can take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year, sometimes even longer depending on your competition and the strategy your SEO company has put in place. No SEO company should ever mislead their clients to believe that top rankings can be achieved instantly. These are positions which must be earned, and the time invested to doing so will positively impact your business in years to come.

Unlike paid forms of advertising, SEO is based upon ranking websites organically and requires hours of hard work and time. Although PPC forms of advertising can provide benefits for businesses instantly, the long-term benefits of SEO are worthwhile. SEO takes time to implement a forceful strategy, yet once it’s implemented, the results will exceed your expectations beyond what you could ever imagine. Talk to the search engine optimisation specialists today at DGreat Solutions.