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Since the first initial outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people conducting online searches has risen drastically. With many businesses forced to close temporarily and faced with an uncertain date of return, many were forced to rethink their entire marketing strategy. Those who kept afloat, did so because they already had a strategic digital marketing plan in place and established a strong online presence. As difficult as it was for the world to adjust to the rules of isolation and social distancing, these businesses were still able to operate even without a physical shopfront. Just as Australians appeared to have a grasp on the outbreak, we’ve now seen some cities face a relapse and unfortunately are now back in lockdown. Is your business prepared for the event of another outbreak? With such a significant number of consumers now utilising search to find products or services they require; this provides you with an opportunity to push your business through COVID-19 and come out on top. Your #1 priority when recovering from the aftermath of COVID-19 should be implementing SEO in order to remain current and hold your visibility in searches.


Having an online presence provides you the opportunity to reach consumers on a local or international scale. Regardless of the size of your business and whether you operate solely from one location or on a global scale, you need to ensure your website will appear in relevant search queries. If you are a local business, it’s important to have your Google My Business page enabled, with your correct contact details so you appear in relevant local searches. Consumers are more inclined now to support local business and by working on your local search visibility, you can ensure you are front of mind whenever they seek assistance from a trusted brand.


Although SEO isn’t an overnight solution to your marketing concerns, SEO will lay down the foundation for success for when society normalises again. Most importantly, the rankings you earn now, can still benefit you in years to come.  Even if people aren’t able to physically use your services, they can still rely on your brand to provide useful tips or suggestions. Any SEO tactics you implement now, will benefit you in the long run. And the more SEO you do early, the greater results you will have in future. Perhaps your optimising your website to promote a better user experience, again, this will only bring forth more added benefits for your business. Remember, even if customers aren’t buying or using your services right at this moment, you have the ability to develop your brand and earn their trust.


Studies reveal consumers are 48% more likely to buy from a brand one week after reading their educational content. If you aren’t already writing informative pieces of content to educate your target market, you need to!  Each piece of content you create, optimise and publish now will assist your business with SEO now and in the future, building upon your credibility and brand knowledge. You can also edit your previous content to reflect your current situation. When creating content, ensure it is valuable for your target market, be consistent when publishing content and include internal and external backlinks where possible.


If you’re new to SEO, it’s important to do some of your own research into SEO best practices and how you could create your own strategy. By seeking the advice of an SEO expert, you can determine the current state of your website and whether or not any changes need to be made. They can assist you with competitor research and essentially take care of the more difficult elements of SEO. Hiring an SEO expert will ensure you are maximising your search engine potential and can obtain as many leads as possible to your website.

Looking back over 2020 so far, we can certainly agree we’ve all had a feeling of uncertainty in one way or another. By implementing SEO into your marketing strategy, you can at least guarantee your online presence and prepare your business for the day when we return to a normal way of living. If you require assistance with your SEO, contact DGreat Solutions today for your free digital marketing strategy.