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SEO Best Practices For 2017. Grow Organically.

SEO has become the most affordable way of getting your website up on the Google search, including all other minor search engines. Although 2016 was a big deal for all Adelaide SEO and SEO Specialist in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and all Australia at large, 2017 will be massive. As early as 1st of February 2017, it was alleged that Google made a major algorithm update targeting Private Blogging Networks (PBN). Although these Google algorithm update has not been confirmed by Google officially, however, some reputable SEO tracking tool providers including SEMrush has declared that the algorithm has been put in place and it’s functional. This algorithm update was designed to target black hat SEO techniques. The unfortunate thing about google algorithm update is, even though it was designed to target bad SEO practices, sometimes, SEO specialist that meant to do the right thing are being caught in the middle. It is therefore imperative for all SEO specialist in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, all the way to Gold Coast and Australia at large to drop the phony SEO practices and embrace the Best SEO techniques that will yield better and long term result for business across Australia.

This article is designed to be a series of publications that will help SEO specialists and business owners whose desire is to go DIY on their business visibility on Google and other search engines. This article will enlighten SEO specialist on how to know what is the best SEO practices to bring in the right organic traffic to their client’s businesses. Also, for business owners who would prefer to do it themselves, we will go through the best way to grow your business by using a free and available resources. In order to avoid complications, we will make Google the domain search engine our focus in this article.

Types Of Google Search Results

There are two major types of google search results, the third result is dependent on the niche or category your business falls. The first two major Google search result are;

  1. Google AdWords search results.
  2. Organic search results.

The Google AdWords search results are the paid advertisement Google listings. This means that you can only show up on those lists if you have a Google AdWords account set up,  and you are

you make a search on google. Sometimes it could be 15 listings on the first page, this depends on the amount of Google Adwords that was running when you make your search. Most of SEO specialist strategist are built around these two search result. There is nothing wrong with this approach, however, you may be missing out if your business niché has a defined category on Google places listings. Google places listings are the third of the three search result displayed by google. The snap shot below shows six out of the 17 listings on the Google search results. The first two with “Ad” is the Google AdWords which is also known as the paid Ad. The three results that follow are the organic search results. Ideally, you want your websites to be amongst the first three, at least that is what your SEO specialist would aim to do. according to search engine watch, research shows that on the average, 33% of Google traffic goes to those websites on the No 1 position on Google search results (read more here). Therefore, your SEO specialist will be on the run to get you to that search result. The bummer with that race to the top by your SEO specialist is that the race never end. Just because you’re on top of the search engine today doesn’t guarantee you the same position tomorrow. Moreover, getting there requires in the first place is not a day job as so many things are involved.

The three search results are displayed in the snap shot right. the top result is the Google AdWord search result, the middle three below Google map are the three Google places listings and the last one result is the organic search result.

Why Hire a SEO Specialist

Hiring a SEO specialist simply means that you are investing in your business. Some SEO specialist may be kind enough to let you know the duration of your website ranking based on many factors, however, some SEO specialist just would not tell you. It is very important for you to know that if you own a relatively new website in a highly competitive business niché, your chances of getting close to the first page in the first three months of your SEO work is very slim. The reason being that an established (highly competitive) business niché such as your will be dominated by very old players. With old domain, Google give very high priority because they are well trusted and have been around long enough for Google bot to think of them as reliable. For your new domain of one to three months old to outrank a domain that has been in business for ten years within a short period of time is improbable. This is where the frustration sets in.

This article is the first of many more on this topic. The main purpose of giving out these important information is to help both SEO specialists and business owners alike. Stay tuned in for more articles to come from DGreat Solutions.