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How To Turn Your Local Business Into A Billion Dollar International Business Via SEO

The idea of starting a business is one of the best inspirations anyone can have. Not only because starting up your own business gives you the opportunity to lead an organisation, but it also gives you the ability to create jobs. Not to mention the fact that small start up businesses are the backbone of any strong economy.

Focus On Growing Your Business Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For a small start up businesses, to intermediate and big businesses, one of the most important thing, if not the most important thing, on the business owners mind is how to gain more traction. All you want for your business is to keep making profit and growing. You might have a thought of many options are available to make this happen. As a small business perhaps you might have thought about going to every trade show you can find just to set up a small booth to sell your stuff. Or attending a start up business seminars to get some magical tips to soar your business into the sky of 500 fortunate businesses. There is nothing wrong with these types of thoughts, however, my advice to you today is to cast those thoughts aside and focus on growing your business through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You may be wondering if it is that simple, well the answer is; “YES”, it is that simple. SEO is the best way to help your targeted audience, your very own customers and people who will do business with you to locate you. One of the important things you need to know is that the people who search for your business online are the people who are ready to do business with you. That’s why they are searching for your business using related keywords. By growing your online presence, your business will gain more visibility as a brand and in turn more people will buy your products and request for your services.

Google Processes Over 100 Billion Queries Every Month.
In the recent research published by Cnet News, it shows that Google processes 100 billion queries every single month and typically returns the results of that search with microsecond speed. Even if your business doesn’t get all the 100 billion Google search queries in a month, imagine if a hundred thousand people search for Adelaide plumber every week and your business comes up at the top of their search as “” and you are able to convert 50% that traffic to sale every week. Now it doesn’t matter how small you have started, within the few months your business bank account will definitely be green.
Organic Searches Are Free (SEO)
The google adword campaign is a great tool and another avenue for getting enquiries and traffic, which sometimes lead to sale. But the catch here is: you get to pay for it. When people search relevant keywords that lead them to your campaign and they click on your website via that campaign, your bank account takes another dive down. And even if it doesn’t convert to sale, you still pay for it. Even though Google is so nice to implement an artificial intelligence system that recognises when clicking robot is wasting your money or some competitors who want you to run you down while seated at the front of their computer clicking your Google adword every minute just so you can keep paying. The way forward is SEO: optimising your website for search engines or getting some good SEO service providers to work with your business. At the end of the year you can do your Cost Benefit Analysis and see how advantageous you’ll be when you invest in your SEO rather than other paid adverts that end when your money runs out. Google adwords and Facebook campaigns are good as long as you keep paying, they will expose your business without a doubt to newer audience, but the question is by how much? A research published by Search engine watch shows that even Google adwords attract less clicks than organic search results. The research shows that 94% of people who use search engines will click on organic search result, leaving 6% with paid adwords. Keep in mind that organic search is generated by SEO. This article is in no way disregarding the power of Google Ads, however, what we are saying is that if you want a long lasting business growth, you should be investing in SEO.
Build Strong Loyalty For Your Business
Google algorithms have evolved over the years. As a matter of fact, Google makes changes to their algorithms almost everyday, making it serious effort to keep up with the SEO work. One of the factors that influence your ranking by this algorithm is your domain authority. A domain authority is the measure of the power of your domain name. This domain authority is based on three strong factors, which are: age of your domain, size of your domain and popularity of your domain. At DGreat Solutions, we have worked with different types of businesses, some are new businesses with new websites and new domains, some are old with old domains. We have learnt over the years that the three factors that influence your domain’s authority is fairly planned by Google. If your domain is new, you don’t have to worry, you just need to channel your energy into gaining popularity by building links. And if your domain is old and without any content, then you need to build SEO content. Google has given everyone the chance to thrive. The best way to make yourself relevant is to build loyalty, this means that you have to showcase your website as an informative website. If everyone on the web thinks that your website provides relevant information, then everyone will send people to you. The reason why Google is ahead of every search engine is because they provide the best information when you search, Google has showcased itself as a provider of all types of important information, there is almost nothing you can’t search on Google. Apply the same sense to your business website and you will be the Google of your niche. Simple!
Engage Your Customers and Build Strong Relationship With Them
One of the best ways to build a strong relationship is via communication. When business owners spend money on creating SEO structured and great contents, they are not only doing it for the search engines. They are communicating relevant information about their products and services to their targeted audience. This form of communication will help your business retain your existing costumers and entice prospective customers alike.

In conclusion

The earlier you start investing your money and time where it is going to yield a great return, the better for your business growth. Making sure your business is visible online is the bedrock for a business start ups or small business. If you want your business to take off almost as Apple computer took off in the 1980s, then it is time to start investing in your SEO. Engage DGreat Solutions for a user friendly website built on SEO principles and safe and secure ecommerce website that gives your customers a great experience. Or if you already have both, speak to us about how we can evaluate your website or help to analyse your business for possible growth. We provide the best SEO service in Adelaide.