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How do SEO specialists use link building and content marketing to drive your website?

Link building and content marketing are two strategies that fit hand-in-hand in terms of SEO tactics and that have been proven to be strong actions that contribute to the success of a website. Strong links generate a vast quantity of traffic directly to your website and are a huge priority in terms of SEO tactics, then paired with strong content marketing distributed on the website, your website rankings will sky rocket. SEO specialists in Adelaide use these strategies to increase traffic, website conversions and build optimal rankings. But how does it work and what is the process? Let us explain. 

Understanding Your Target Audiences Needs

To serve your audience, you have to know what they want. Understanding what your customer is looking for when they click on your website is the first step to a successful site. Identifying a customer’s journey and displaying that in the layout and On-page SEO will already provide your audience with a better customer experience. Potential customers want to know what to consider before they choose your business. Providing information on your brand, reviews and case studies helps the customer narrow down their options and make you a top consideration. Specialists steer clear of irrelevant topics and information that could potentially result in customers having more questions, concerns or cause a decrease of your SEO rankings. 

Unique, Optimizing Content

Providing your customers with unique content sets you aside from your competitors and gives you that step up. Validating your topic is an important step to start with. Identifying why the information you’re providing for your website is important to your customers or why it should be. It’s important to sell your business with context.  Being consistent with the tone of your content optimises the relevance of the information to your customers. Internal linking, title tag optimisation and layout, is all strategically applied in order to convey to your audience that the content is relatable information and they can continue to move along their customer journey with ease. These elements are vital parts of On page SEO and website design and proves an important asset that makes a website, customer oriented and user-focused.

Links = More Traffic + Better Rankings

Traffic, traffic, traffic! Backlinks provide your website with external sources to bring more traffic to your business. They provide a sense of trustworthiness in relation to your website if you can earn backlinks from credible sources. Even using internal links can help your consumers identify their relevant needs and have easier accessibility to the services you provide. Relevancy is a huge positive onpage SEO ranking factor, so having relevant links on your page has the ability to boost your rankings. Now, it’s important to not get carried away with links, making sure that the link is relevant, valuable and within the correct context. 

Don’t Stop There!

Once valuable content is created and internal links and backlinks are earned, you will begin to notice an increase in your website performance over time, however, that does not mean that is the final step of website optimisation. Consistent maintaining and keeping that momentum to keep that traffic flow is vital. SEO tactics such as links and content marketing build up overtime, need to be updated frequently and are not considered to be a “one off” strategy. In this case, adding and editing content for your website consistently, ensures that you stay up-to-date with what your consumers want and provide fresh information to meet their needs. By further strengthening your website, it further strengthens your brand and reputation. This means more conversation and awareness for your business, more traffic and higher rankings. 

It is important for your website to provide the best user experience for your consumers in order to fuel the sales funnel and increase profits for your business. Links attract customers but content persuades them, and without one, you cannot succeed with the other. Your website is the “hub” of your brand and needs to have positive visibility, strong readability and be user-friendly. Adelaide SEO Specialists, DGreat Solutions have all the knowledge you need to optimise your digital marketing. Reach out to us here at DGreat Solutions and speak to our SEO specialists in Adelaide for all your SEO and digital marketing needs. Help us, help you, build your brand.